SetDMD is a tool, mainly for virtual pinball cabinet owners, that allows you to easily set your DMD position as well as some other parameters in the DMD for all installed ROMs in the system at once. I found setting up a table design was somewhat of a tedious process having to load each ROM in vpmame "once" to agree you own it, setting up the DMD location, etc. I wrote a utility that does all this for you. It will:

1) Allow you to set a DMD screen location and save it to all tables - at any time.
2) Scan a directory of ROMs and create all the necessary registry entries so the DMD will be in the location you have set up and they will appear "played once" so you don't have to get prompted the first time
3) Gives you other options like changing dmd color, antialiasing etc.

If you change your monitor resolutions, you have to reconfigure your DMD location. This helps you do that quickly. If you reinstall your set up, obviously it helps with that, too.

Recent Changes
v1.0.5 just released 5/5/2014. Fixed bug where blue0 was being ignored on import and export.

v1.0.4 just released 5/3/2014. This adds import colors and export colors. Import colors lets you import *.dmc files which contain DMD color information to colorize your rom files. Export will create .dmc files for all the colorized roms you have created so you can share them with your friends.

v1.0.2 just released 4/24/2014. This adds ability to set ddraw and d3d on or off and also allows for a size-only change in case you're refreshing your monitor layout and don't want to lose any custom color changes.

Download v1.0.5 here.

Most the options are obvious. If you don't know what the values do, then read the pinmame docs. These are all values stored in the registry:

General options:

Some of the other buttons at the bottom::

Usage Examples:
I just added 3 new tables. My cabinet was already configured. I put the ROMs in the ROM path already. Steps: Load the tool, click "install roms and update", close the tool.

I have a new table I need to configure my ROMs. Steps: Load the tool and click "install ROMS and update". This installs all the ROMs. Now set the settings on how you want them to look and be sized etc. Then click "update all installed roms". Close the tool and play.

Possible issues:

If you need support, you may contact me here. Make sure your subject starts with "SetDMD:" otherwise my mail filter may filter your message out. Due to my high volume iPhone site, I get a lot of emails.