PinballBulbs BabyCade Multi-Arcade


Introducing the BabyCade multi-arcade machine by PinballBulbs!

The BabyCade measures 19" tall x 12" wide x 11" deep, making it ideal for small or big areas. The small size makes it perfect to play almost anywhere you want to take it! Weighing only 7lbs fully loaded, the BabyCade mini arcade game is quite mobile! Each BabyCade mini arcade game is perfectly laser cut and finished with lacquer for a stunning look!  You can play thousands of games from not only MAME, but also playstation, PSP, Computer and more popular consoles.

Aside from its marvelous aesthetics, we are proud to say we took as much interest in making the inside function efficiently and smoothly. We want our users to have the best expereince possible. The BabyCade eliminates the need for a keyboard because of its quick, easy startup menu. One of our best features allows you to plug the BabyCade mini arcade into your TV or projector to enjoy on the big screen, with an easily accessible HDMI plug on the back. There is also a USB slot on the back to plug in an xbox controller to play 2 player. 


The Babycade mini arcade is available exclusively through PinballBulbs - See the video below for more information!


Price: $499.99
Dimensions: 12 in × 11 in × 19 in