Introducing the NEW PinballBulbs Mini Virtual Pinball! 

The MVP comes complete and ready to play out of the box with the following:

- Pinball FX2 all Tables Purchased!
- Pinball Arcade Installed and Configured
- 2 Vertical shooters purchased and installed Raiden 4 and Crimzon Clover
- Visual Pinball several custom converted physmod enhanced tables available no where else (ROMs added by user)
- MAME (ROMs added by user)
- Custom front end so no computer or technical skills needed
- Full online support for your specific machine
- Real Analog Nudge to mimic a real pinball machine!

Welcome to PinballBulbs!

We have made Pinball LEDs as simple as possible for you! All of our styles contain the same base LED bulb, but with different domes depending on where you want to place the pinball leds. You will never again have to order tons of different styles of pinball leds for one machine. To make a 'super bright' simply pull off the cap of a frosted or clear dome and you have yourself a super bright, at a great cost! We only sell top quality pinball leds and do not carry any lower end duller pinball leds. Check out our new Pinball Machine Non-ghosting List.



Here is a quick video showcasing this as well: 



Welcome to! We provide the highest quality Pinball LEDs and other LEDs available on the market today. Our prices are the lowest, quality is the highest and our customer service is top notch. Please do contact us if you have any questions or need assistance with ordering your pinball leds, pinball led kits or other products!


Broken Bulb Promise

All of our pinball leds have been hand tested, but if you do receive a non-working or broken bulb please contact us. We will be happy to replace any defective pinball leds.