BDK batmobile mod

The batmobile mod is a mod for BDK that will light up the car area when the bat mobile ramp fires. It's a fast solderless install. The theory of operation here is that we gain power at the coindoor for the light. Then when the solenoid fires, we use that ground to fire off the light strip.

  1. Unpack your light strip pack. You'll see a light strip about 6 segments long with no sticky backing, some ties straps, some tape strips, some long wire, an alligator clip on one lead, and a plug to plug into the coindoor area for power.

  2. Lift your playfield. Look at the photo and run the light strip up in the front left area near the bat mobile ramp.

    Feed the strip up through the bottom of the playfield.

  3. Use the included black tape strips to take the strip to the left side of the batmobile ramp plastic.

    You may need to cut the tape as needed. The strip has no stickiness to it.

  4. Find the long wire that has the alligator clip on it and attach it to the solenoid that controls the ramp. I used the right prong.

  5. Plug the harness into the coindoor interface area to the right of the coindoor.

  6. Tidy up any extra wires using the included tie straps. You're done.

    The strip will fire when the batmobile ramp fires and the car runs forwards.
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