Chicago Games Power

For Chicago Games, we provide a fused power adapter that will provide a stern style power connector. The mods are stern style and plug into this adapter. The fuse on the harness can be anywhere between 1 and 4 amps. The harness should come with a fuse but if it blows you can replace it with a 1a to 4a slow blow fuse.

The power transformer for Chicago games is in the bottom of the cabinet. So lift the playfield to locate it. There may be a cover to remove to access the screws on the transformer. You should power off your game before attaching our mod harness just for safety (although its all relatively low voltage).

The power transformer shown is here. You can see we have labelled which screws to loosen and insert our wires for +12v and ground.

The harness is show here. You can see we have labelled which wires go into the screws on the transformer.

Simply loosen the corresponding screw, slide in the wire, and tighten the screw. The light strips will then plug into the provided stern harness and should be made to work with stern style plug-in connectors.