Corvette Mod Installation

The Corvette race track mod is a light strip that is designed to light up the race track area. This area normally has no lights and is very dark. We use a black light light strip because this strip is not overly bright and does the job wel.

Steps are:

  1. Power off the game, remove the glass, and raise the playfield onto its rails.
  2. The strip needs to feed through the bottom of the playfield near the front of the race track. You'll need to poke the strip up from underneath and pull it through.

  3. Then run the strip across the metal rails on towards the back. Peeling the sticky back off the strip is optional. You can use 10 or so tie straps to secure it to the rails instead.

  4. The power side of the mod will connect just like any of the williams flipper strips. These will connect to either J116, J117, or J118 of your power driver board, whichever of those has a connector with only 2 wires (our mod passes through the existing power but only 2 of the wires not all 3). Run the power cable under the playfield and up into the head. Connect the power cable to the 12vdc header: