Ghost busters Add-On Kit

The GhostBusters add-on kit installation is a few bulb replacements and some light strips to install. It's very easy.

Your kit should have 2 led strips. One attached to a white card and one longer one not attached. A stern spike to stern power adapter. A double spotlight kit. The smaller led strip on a card is for the front of the machine under the flippers. The longer one goes on the rear of the machine.

The steps for installing the rear light strip are here.

The steps for installing the front light strip are here.

The next step will be to install the double spot kit on the top bolt of the left sling. Installing the spotlight kit will follow the directions listed here except the power will be hooked into the 2 prong power adapter on the light strip pack instead of being clipped to GI. The bulbs have been preinserted and tested.

The spotlight set should point with one towards 1:00 and the other towards 4:00 but bend the 4:00 one down towards the playfield to not blind the player.