Lord of the Rings Army of the Dead install

Lord of the Rings Army of the dead installation

1) First step is to unpack the upper playfield. Be very careful doing this. The upper playfield is bubble wrapped to protect the fragile characters. It's possible that the weapons will break off the characters if you're not careful. These are super glued on. If this happens to you, simply super glue them back in place or leave them off. (We were going to leave these off for simplicity stake, but we decided to include them for those that can be careful).

2) The mod can be installed with the upper playfield left in place but most find it easier to remove the upper playfield to install it. After powering off the game and lifting the playfield onto its rails, remove the screws holding the gold rails on the upper playfield.

3) Position the army of the dead playfield over the upper playfield. Line up the 4 mount holes with the screws you removed from step 3. In the bag of parts we provide, there are 4 2 inch screws. Feed these through the mod playfield, through the star post we provide, through the metal guide, through the upper playfield in the game, and fasten the included nut on the bottom. Do this for all 4 holes. You can loosen the screws on the left front of the mini playfield in the game to allow it to lift enough to fit your fingers underneath in order to fasten the mod in place without removing the mini playfield from the game.

3a) In event you have the path of the dead ball hang plastic sold by pinbits or other places, the star posts we provide will be too wide to fit in place. (otherwise skip to step 4) The solution for this is for the upper right star post to simply move the rubber to the top slot and flip the star post upside down. This allows it to clear the pinbits plastic. See photo.

4) The wiring harness for the mod runs behind the backboard. You can run the wiring harness around the back left or you can remove the 4 army of the dead light sign and feed the harness through the opening. 

5) The mod plugs into the harness for the 4 army of the dead lights in the back. Simply remove the stock 5 position z-clip and insert our wired z-clip in its place. Be very careful in doing this. If any of the wires come off the z-clip, they'll have to be soldered back in place. There is no way to put the clip on backwards.

You should be done. You can verify the ball doesn't get caught up on any of the wires. They were hot glued in place to avoid this, if they come loose you can hot glue or superglue the wires back onto the surface of the mod playfield.