Spike Speaker Lights

  1. Fold the speaker panel down exposing the speakers.  

  2. Remove the screws or bolts holding the speaker.

  3. Remove the speaker but leave the grill in place.  

  4. Fasten our 1/2" hex posts onto the two speaker studs.

  5. Line the speaker bracket onto the studs. Note, it may be very tight.

  6. Put the speaker onto the bracket. Fasten the nuts into place. *Do not over tighten*. The speaker needs to be barely past finger tight do not crank this down.

  7. Plug the power into the power for the game. There are two possible connectors here. Our older kits used the coin door node board

    Our newer kits use the head for power. See the photo below. Connector is CN6, a 3 pin connector. The black wire lines up with the top most pin, the red wire with the bottom most, and the 4th empty spot on our adapter hangs off the connector.