System 11a Front Light Strip Installation

The light strip is one of the best modifications you can add to your machine. Our light strips come pre-wired for 12vdc. You will need to attach the light strip then run the wires into the backbox and splice into 12vdc power. The System 11 light strip kits come prewired ready to plug into the power driver board and daisy chain the existing connector. (Note: Some of the generic pictures of what to do are with a WPC game. All specific instructions will be system 11a and look like your game. These are pictures of a High Speed)

  1. First, remove the glass and pull the playfield onto its supports.

  2. The light strip will be mounted on the very top of the metal ball guides that funnel the ball into the ball trough. It's high enough that the ball cannot hit the strip. The guide is shorter than on system 11a games, but it will still perfectly fit. Still place at the top.

  3. Remove the apron on your game. In most cases, this requires removing only the front screws. But on some games you may have to remove top screws as well.

  4. Clean the metal area with alcohol and let it thoroughly dry. (If it is not dry, the strip will not stick and will be ruined).

    Attach the light strip with the wires on the left side.

    In the picture below, I used the middle slot to run the wires. But this is very uncommon for games to have this wide opening. Therefore, run the wires through on the left and over the ball guide. You may want to put a piece of electric tape on the top ball guide to prevent the metal from cutting through the wires. Also take note how the strip is attached. It should be at the top of the guide so the ball cannot hit it. It should be centered to send the most light forward onto the flippers.

    If the ball guide is attached to the apron, so will need to feed the light strip through the top gap on the apron and attach to the apron, itself:

  5. Feed the wires behind the apron and tape to the playfield so that the wires dont accidentally tug and rip out the light strip. You can drop the wires into the cabinet right below the ball trough area where the big opening is.

  6. Poke the wire up into the backboard:

  7. -----------SYSTEM 11 SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS GO HERE----------
    Here I am able to feed the wire in the backbox and keep it tucked away cleanly so it doesn't get pulled or interfere with other items.

    This is where to connect the ground wire from your power strip. Note where the arrow points.

    This is the power hook up onto the board itself. It goes into --====WHICH PIN===---

  8. Power on the system and you should see the light strip shining intense light onto the playfield. You know your installation is completed because you cannot get the smile off your face :)