Williams WPC 12v Mod Power

    Power for williams games is in the head.

  • Remove the translite and fold down the speaker panel, grab the wires and pull them into the head. The wires are intentionally very long so that there is plenty of slack when the head is folded down.

  • The light strip comes with a connector for the power driver board. For WPC, this will go in J116, J117, or J118 on the bottom left of the power driver board. On WPC95, this will go into J139, J140, or J141 of the power driver board on the upper left.
    The connectors are interchangeable and all present 5v and 12v power. Some of the connectors will be 2 wire (12v and ground). Others will be 3 wire (5v, 12v, and ground). We will want to use one of the 2 wire connectors. in the picture below, the two top connectors are two wires. Either of these will work.

    Or for WPC95, it would look like this:

    In this example, we pull J116.

    Replace it with our wire harness

    Then plug what used to be in J116 into the black part of the wiring harness on the light strip.