8SMD Super Duper 555 Spotlight Purple


There are our own custom made 8-SMD Spotlight bulbs. They are by far the brightest spotlight bulb you can buy. The plastic is a little thicker than normal bulbs so they are hard to insert and hard to fall out. These style bulbs are typically used as flashers, but these ones are 6.3v not 13v to work as spotlight bulbs.

Note: to insert these bulbs you will need to bend the prongs to the edges of the bulb as they are so thick that the metal tends to slide away and not make contact. All bulbs are tested prior to ship so if it's not lighting up for you, this is the reason.

Purple is one of the 3 colors that works well for spotlights without overly color bombing the area or causing ball strobing. The purple bulb is nice for an area that is mostly blues with some purples, reds, etc. (Purple is a combination of red + blue). If your area is more of a green, yellow, or these colors, use a white bulb.

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