Junkyard Pinball Extras Kit


This kit contains all our "extras" that we add into our Junkyard Ultimate LED Kit. It contains spotlight kits and light strip packs that lights up the flippers and back of your game. If you already ordered our junkyard ultimate led kit, then this is already included in that so you do not need this separately.

This is perfect if your game already has leds and you wish to spruce it up to look like our kit. The extra lighting will enable you to play your game in the dark without suffering from dark spots making it hard to track the ball by the flippers and mid playfield where no lights usually exist.

Optionally, you can choose below to trade some of the added spotlights for our incredible side lights in cool white to light the game up even better.

Price: $79.99
Add a discounted set of our full playfield side lights to fully light your game.
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