Lord of the Rings Interactive Army of the Dead Mod No Figures


This version does not come with figures. You are expected to add your own 4 figures

This is our own custom army of the dead mod for lord of the rings pinball. This mod DOES NOT contain the 4 translucent ghost army figures but contains the rest of the mod. You will need to source these figures yourself, which are generally bought in 3 packs. You need all 4 figures because each of the 4 figures corresponds to one of the switches that needs to be hit to collect the army of the dead. Looks awesome with the game's light show especially when ring modes start. The mod will have a light for each of the 4 figures. You can attach your figures with hot glue or use one of our included screws to drill the bottom of your figure and screw it in with our screw.

Other than the figures, this mod is a full plug and play kit and takes about 10 minutes to install. The mod attaches over the mini playfield in the game and hooks into the wiring harness behind the backboard that the 4 lights plug into. It comes with all the screws and posts to mount the mini playfield and 4 screws if you drill out the bottom of your figures and use our screws to attach.

See our photos and videos.

This mod now comes with a free green stern light strip to light up underneath the miniplayfield.

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