Pinball Side Lights


Take your game to the next level with our incredible side lights that add bright, evenly lit lights on each side of the inside of the cabinet. Side lights include two full-length rails, each about 30 inches long, with strip lights and easy connect power cables to attach to your game.

The rails are removable with Velcro, allowing you to lift the playfield and work on your game with ease. The lights have connectors at the ends for extremely easy installation and removal unlike Pinstadium that has you dangling the lights on your playfield to work on your game.

These lights are angled downward, illuminating the center of the playfield while avoiding blinding light for players standing next to the machine playing the neighboring game. This is undoubtedly one of the best additions you can make to your game.

Our mod currently supports all modern games, including Stern (Spike 2, Spike, SAM, and Whitestar), Sega, Williams WPC (DMD), Williams System 11, Chicago games (The Williams Remakes), Jersey Jack, and Gottlieb modern system 3 games with DMD. We can also support Data East games so long as you have the coin door power connector in your game located here.

Please ensure that your game has enough room for the rails to be mounted along the side of the cabinet, as some games have plastics and other items that may block installation. The rails are about 15mm wide.

Installation takes approximately 15 minutes, and the instructions are available here on our website. Before making a purchase, we recommend reviewing the installation process to ensure a seamless installation.

Our lights are not game interactive like Pinstadium. However, they provide incredible illumination on the playfield for a reasonable price. The images below were taken in a completely dark room, with no lights other than the game, to showcase the lighting effect.

Upgrade your game and make it shine with our cabinet lighting mod. Order now and experience the difference for yourself!

Price: $99.99
List the game(s) for the kit(s), it will help us make sure it is compatible. If your game(s) are spike we will change the connector appropriately.
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