Space Shuttle Pinball Ultimate LED Kit


This is a full no-ghost LED kit for your space shuttle pinball machine. This all encompassing kit includes all the LEDs you need to replace your inserts / controlled lamps with color matched replacement no ghost LED bulbs. It also contains all the general illumination bulbs, flasher bulbs, and backbox LED bulbs. Finally, we provide a trough light to help light up between the flippers. Our bulbs are high quality LEDs that are made especially for pinball machines. Our bulbs last over 10,000 hours without dimming and upwards of 100,000 hours. Our bulbs are color matched with colors and types hand picked for your game.

Our kit is color matched and comes with instructions and bulb placements. This kit will brighten your game and bring your lights to a pop that they don't have without.

Price: $189.99
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