Stern R/G/B Speaker Light Kit


This is a R/G/B color changing speaker light kit for your Stern pinball machine. Our RGB color changing kits come complete with a full function remote so you can change colors and modes such as flash, strobe, fade and more! This speaker kit will fit any Stern pinball machine. Below you can select if you would like to upgrade to RGB with a controller that comes with cool effects such as fade, solid color, strobe and more!

Our pinball speaker light kits come with all necessary hardware, brackets and no solder connectors needed to install into your game. Our speaker light kits provide a cool illuminating glow from your game speakers on the DMD panel without being blinding or distracting while playing!  

Price: $99.99
List the game(s) for the kit(s), it will help us make sure it is compatible. If your game(s) are spike we will change the connector appropriately.
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