Under Cabinet Light Strip


This is a long light strip that attaches to the bottom side of your pinball cabinet. It lights up the floor under your pinball machine causing the floor under your game to glow in the color of your choice. It powers like any of our other light strips such as our rear or flipper strips. But it lights up the bottom of your cabinet. The strips are approximately 60 LEDs.

You will need to poke through the vent grill on some of your games. Some williams games have screws that let you loosen those grills to get the strip wires through.

These are custom made per game. You must indicate the game in use. Not compatible with all games. We have power options for Williams DMD games, Stern games, Sega games that are white star.

Data east games are only compatible if you have this power connector to the right of your coin door.

Price: $29.99
List the game(s) for the kit(s), it will help us make sure it is compatible. If your game(s) are spike we will change the connector appropriately.
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