Wizard of Oz Pinball Brightening Kit - Woz


Wizard of Oz is a beautiful game. But it requires ambient light to play. This kit solves that problem illuminating the game well in a dark environment. In a well kit room, this kit still provides some extra pop. The kit will also help with the perception of the intensity of the inserts being too bright.

Note: the latest version of this kit substitutes the spotlights for our incredible side lights for an even better lit playfield. But you can opt below to go with the original spotlights instead.

This is a custom made LED kit for your Wizard of Oz Pinball. This kit includes 3 spotlight sets, 2 LED strips, some flasher replacements, and a voltage controller board all pre-wired together. The entire kit is plug n play, with instructions and also comes with its own special power supply. There is no soldering required. This kit will make your Wizard of Oz Pinball glow and be playable in dark, bright, or faintly lit gamerooms.

Note: The LED bulbs are already included in this kit. We taped them into the sockets to prevent the bulbs from popping out. Regarding the kit and "lights out 2x scoring" mode. The lights out mode is not a black out mode like attack from mars strobe multiball. Instead, it only kills the game inserts so you have to guess what to shoot at. The challenge is to guess what to shoot at rather than tracking the ball. When this kit was made, the lights out mode did not even kill the 3 game spotlights, providing more evidence that some ambient light was desired during this mode. Our kit stays lit during this mode. Installation takes about an hour. You may preview the detailed installation guide here. Woz

Price: $129.99
Substitute our full playfield side lights to fully light your game.
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