Backbox Flashers and Kits

While our kits always include playfield flashers, our kits generally do not include backbox flashers. Here is why.

1) Backbox flashers are generally not very noticeable being that they're in the backbox not the playfield. In fact the difference between them and incandescent flashers is barely noticeable in the backbox.

2) Our kits are simply the sum of the costs of the contents of the kit - they are not marked up for being a kit (unlike many of our competitors who mark the price up for being a kit).

3) Adding backbox flashers would increase the kit price by the cost of the flashers, which can be anywhere from $25-40. While we would love to charge the customers more and sell more product, this does not feel like a good value when compared to the contents of the rest of our kits.

4) Backbox flashers do not lower heat in the backbox like converting the GI bulbs in the backbox to LEDs. This is because the flashers are not always on.

If you want to do flashers in your backbox anyway, you can count up the flasher sockets or look in your manual and order 906 cool white flashers for Williams games, 89 cool white flashers for data east games. In the future we may add backbox flasher add on kits as addons.