Ghosting List

This is our comprehensive list of games that have LED Ghosting issues. If your game listed below is Ghosting you will need non-ghosting bulbs, but for the controlled inserts only. You can get those bulbs here.

Note: many williams games that do not ghost will ghost with a Rottendog aftermarket power driver board.

Ghosting = This game has ghosting issues and will require non-ghosting bulbs to stop the ghosting issues.
Not Ghosting = This game has no ghosting issues and can use regular bulbs.

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There are 5 Pinball Machines confirmed in this directory!
Game Title Ghosting MPUsort descending Release date
Star Trek: The Next Generation Ghosting Williams WPC (DCS) 1993
Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure Ghosting Williams WPC (DCS) 1993
Demolition Man Ghosting Williams WPC (DCS) 1994
Judge Dredd Ghosting Williams WPC (DCS) 1993
Popeye Saves the Earth Not Ghosting Williams WPC (DCS) 1994