Kit Strips Install

Several of our kits may have custom made light strip packs. Rather than having 2 or 3 different light strip each with its own connector, we may make a custom strip pack just for the kit with a single connector. For the most part, these will install just like the single strip installation listed at the light strip installation pages. So follow those instructions for mounting the strips. Then attach the single connector to power all the strips at once.

The kit strips will be listed on your kit layout and that will tell you where to place them. For example, "front of the machine under the flippers". This is our flipper / ball trough placement. The other common location is the rear strip. These go on the back of the machine either on wood rail or glass channel pointing down.

Here are installs for common strips with photos

General Tips


  • We use the term "segment" when dealing with light strips. 8-segment, 3-segment, etc. Each light strip comes with several LEDs followed by a point where you can cut it with scissors. The cut point is the segment. So an 8-segment strip will contain 8 segments of leds, usually about 24 leds.


  • Thoroughly clean and completely dry the area you're going to stick the lightstrip onto. The strips are sticky back, but if the area is at all moist or dirty, the strip will start to fall off over time. I suggest using rubbing alcohol, drying with a dry towel, and letting it set to dry for a decent amount of time.


  • Prior to attaching the light strip pack, untangle it and lay it out across the pinball glass or playfield. Then attach the power and make sure it lights up properly. If a single segment on an 8 segment strip is out, it won't impact its usability but we will replace it if you're not happy.


  • When attaching the rear strip, if you see some reflection and don't like it, you can cover those bulbs that reflect with black tape.


  • In the event the light strip does not stick well (probably due to not cleaning and drying well enough in step 1), your option is to use gorilla tape strips between the leds to hold the strip into place. Gorilla tape is exceptionally strong and black. It works well on rear light strips. We include a few strips with the kits, but you can get rolls of black gorilla tape at the local hardware store.

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