Ghost Busters Pinball Ultimate LED Add-On


Ghostbusters Kit / Dark Room Play-ability Kit

This is a dark room playability kit for Ghostbusters pinball. This will lighten up the center playfield and flipper area so that the game is evenly lit in a dark room. Pinball machines are designed to play in an ambient lit room. Once the lights are off, GI and other lighting elements alone are not enough to light the center playfield and near the flipper area - the most important area when playing the game. This kit brightens up those areas without adding blinding brightness to the game. The goal of this kit is to evenly light the game not to add brightness to the game.

The kit contains:

  • Light strip pack for front and rear of the game.
  • Spotlight set
  • Special 12v 8smd spotlight bulbs
  • Stern to spike fused power adapter

See before and after photos taken in a dark room.

Installation instructions are here.

Price: $69.99
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