Swords of Fury Pinball Ultimate LED Lighting Kit


This is a beautiful Pinball LED lighting kit for your Swords of Fury Pinball Machine. This kit will include all the LEDs and lighting needed for the backbox, inserts, flashers, and general illumination. You will also get PinballBulbs exclusive no solder LED Strips to light up the flipper trough of your game to help with tracking the ball during play in a dark room. We also include our no solder plug n play spotlight kits to light up the center of the playfield where GI bulbs don't exist!

PinballBulbs kits are designed to fully illuminate your entire game, including the dark spots that prevent your game from being played in a dark room or bar. These kits cannot be matched in terms of quality, brightness and uniqueness. No other Pinball LED kit will be like the PinballBulbs kit! We are professional pinball modders and take special care in creating all of our pinball LED lighting kits to ensure there are no dark spots or blinding lights in your eyes. This will guaranteed be the best Pinball LED lighting kit you can buy!

*Note: System 11 games do not always work work initially with LED flashers and there is a mod that needs to be done to your game. Your game here will come with flashers, but note this when installing them. You will need to perform the mod as described here if you insert the flash lamps and they appear stuck on.

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